ERM Household Assessment Report, Khost District (13 – 25 November 2017)

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A short quick site visit was done by SI team and it was verified that a group of IDPs (approximately 150 households) are sheltering at this site. The details are reported to DoRR and other humanitarian partners in Khost for taking urgent action for assessment and immediate response.

DoRR & ANDMA department called for PDMC meeting where all the government and humanitarian NGOs’ representatives were presented. The director of the DoRR explain the situation of the reported family and requested to the NGOs for immediate assessment. The notification number of the displaced group of Harsin from DoRR was expected 211 HHs and 5 IDPs HHs from other provinces. The living situation for the IDPs families are in very poor situation where in mostly humans and animals are sharing the current shelter they have there. A big number of the IDPs are settled in the location where previously the site was occupied by some Refugees.

The reason of the displacement of the large group of people are moving from their original location and settling in another district was the violence of the Kuchain tribe on Harsin. Harsin families are the minority in their area, where the Kuchi tribes locked them from going outside of their area, for livelihood, market, school, healthcare centers. By the Kuchi people, the homes of the Harsin are completely damaged. Women and children were not safe from the violence. The government have no control on the Kuchi people to stop the conflict. The Kuchi tribe wants to capture all the land in the border which is belongs to Harsin. They don’t allowed other tribes. They are powerful in the area.

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