ERM Household Assessment Report - ERM8-Ext+/2021-DA-PWN-19

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An OCT meeting was called by UNOCHA in the ParwanDoRR office to review the lists and talk about the arrival of newly displaced IDP households who had been reportedly displaced from different insecure districts of Parwan and some neighboring provinces who had settled in different secure villages of Charikar and Jabalussaraj districts of Parwan province and had submitted petitions to ParwanDoRR asking for humanitarian assistance. The meeting members reviewed the lists of around 207 reportedly IDPs households and referred them all to joint teams for further assessment on the ground to identify the real IDP households. Assessment teams comprising of DACAAR, DRC, WSTA, and DoRR staff started their assessment in the field on March 28, 2021, the teams visited all the households in their settlement place, had interviews with their household heads as well as with their household members and finally found 17 households eligible for humanitarian assistance under ERM eligibility criteria who had been displaced within the last 3 months from different insecure areas of Kapisa, Khost, Kunduz, Laghman, Nuristan, Parwan and Takhar provinces due to ongoing and active conflicts between the government and opposition forces and have now settled different secure areas of Parwan province.

The rest of the households were rejected by the joint assessment teams because they did not meet the ERM eligibility criteria for different reasons.

During WASH Survey, DACAAR has divided 2 large householdswhose individuals were more than 10 persons into 2 families for proper coverage of their WASH needs, so for DACAAR's WASH response the total number of families in this caseload is 19 families or (17HHs).