ERM Household Assessment Report - ERM8-Ext+/2021-DA-GHZ08

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On 17-April-2021 in Ghazni Governor office take one PDMC meeting for Ghazni Qarabagh District insecurity situation and people displacement from Qarabagh to different area. in actual this event was on 14-Apr-21; NSAGs conducted complex attacks on Qarabagh district administrative compound. NSAGs order residents of nearby villages to evacuate their houses and leave the area. As result, nearly 650 families have been displaced from Nasokhail, Laigh, Ibrahim Khail, Naw abad, Maidanak, Gudal, Miadanak and Dawalant khan villages into close villages and settled with host communities. Meanwhile on the first day of displacement 15-20 families have been displaced into Ghazni city, but the displacement is ongoing and the # of IDPs will be increased day by day.

If the situation remains the same, number of displaced families will be increased. The people have left all food and NFIs behind in their houses and escaped their lives.

All humanitarian partners in Ghazni are stand by and alerted.

Main Qarabagh bazaar is also lockdown which results in food shortage during month of Ramadan.

Civilian Casualties: So far 4 civilians including woman and children have been killed in these conflicts.

Assessment: From 18-Apr-21 joint assessment teams will initiate multi sector like: DACAAR,DRC,IOM,WFP,WSTA/UNHCR,ANDMA,DoRR,ORD/WFP.

Response: The below partners have plan to response to this caseload:

  • DRC will provide MPCA packages.

  • UNICEF will provide NFIs in kind to all assist families.

  • ANDMA will provide cooked food for the first 3-4 days duration for all those families.

  • WFP will provide Food in kind for all assist families.

  • DACAAR will provide WASH support to all those assist families.

  • Health: DoPH have assigned mobile health clinic to address the urgent health cases and needs. in the meeting it was decided that 4 teams will carry joint need assessment in Center Ghazni and related Villages of Ghazni Center, joint need assessment of DACAAR, DRC,IOM, WSTA, WFP/IDSH, DoRR, ANDMA started from 18-April 2021, in total up to present (21-April-2021) 194 families visited and 161 HH= 187 families found eligible for humanitarian assistance and all those families in urgent need to support it.