ERM Household Assessment Report, for Bamyan Center, Bamyan (16 October 2017)


*1. General Information:

Assessment Location: (Province/District/Village)

Province: Bamyan District: Yakawlang Villages:
Sorkh Qoul Haidar Abad Haidar Abad

Type of Crises: (Conflict/Natural Disaster/Other)

IDPs and Natural Disaster

Crisis Location: (Province/District/Village)


Assessment Team: (Name of I/NGO in the Assessment Team)

Solidarités International

Crises Date: (Date of Displacement-Estimated)

August and September 2017

Date of Notification:


Date of Assessment: (starting date/ending date)


2. Assessment Finding and Recommendation in brief:

Following a notification on disaster affected household, IDP and undocumented returnee from Bamyan ANDMA and Bamyan DoRR; SI’s Bamyan team organized an individual HEAT assessment. The notifications listed 3 households. All the 3 HHs identified eligible to be assisted. Two of the HHs were displaced through armed conflicts and the third one is destroyed through heavy rain falls in the spring. AMPCT assistance is recommended as you can see the demand for the cash in the following chart;


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