ERM Household Assessment Report, Baghlan Northeastern Region (02 July 2017)


1. General Information:

Assessment Location: Pol-e Khumri- city-Baghlan-province (Province/District/Village)

Type of crises: Conflict (Conflict/Nat. Disaster/Other)

Crisis Location: Pul I Khumri, Baghlan (Province/District/Village)

Assessment Team: ACTED-WAW-IDS/WFP- DACAAR-MDC-DoRR (Name of I/NGO in the assessment team)

Crises date: 14/05/2017 (date of displacement-Estimated)

Date of Notification: 20/5/2017

Date of Assessment: 21/05/17-06/06/17 (starting date/ending date)

Affected Population: HHs: 297 Families 297 Inds. 1798 (Total Caseload: IDP/CAT A/CAT B/Other)

Data collection method Electronic

2. Assessment Finding and Recommendation in brief:

The following report covers a caseload of conflict displaced families from within Pul I Khumri district in Baghlan. Several districts in Baghlan are consistently affected by conflict, and clashes between the ANSF and AOGs have displaced the 297 families covered in this report. The spring offensive also sees anti-government forces attempting to control key access routes to destabilize the government and increase territorial control, even if temporarily. The majority of the caseload has farming as their primary income at 61% of households, with 31% having no income source. This caseload is highly indebted, with 83% of respondents reporting more than 8,000 AFN of debt. The remaining 16% reported between 2,000-8,000 AFN of debt. 100% of households report that they have not yet received assistance.

Recommendations: The caseload will be supported with in-kind hygiene kits by DACAAR, in-kind food by WFP, and cash assistance of 18,000 AFN by ACTED, to cover families’ needs for 2 months as a result of their displacement.