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Emergency Transboundary Outbreak Pest (ETOP) Situation Report for May with a Forecast till mid-July, 2011

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The Desert Locust (SGR) infestations persisted in May along the Red Sea coast in Saudi Arabia where aerial and ground control treated hoppers and swarms on more than 25,000 ha. Small-scale operations were carried out in Western Sahara in Algeria, in northwest Mauritania and southwestern Morocco. Breeding occurred in spring breeding areas in southeast Iran and western Pakistan where close to 12,700 ha were sprayed during this month. Control operations declined in southeastern Egypt and overall the situation remained fairly calm elsewhere in the outbreak and invasion areas during this period. No surveys were carried out in Mali, Niger, Tunisia, Chad and Libya during this period (CNLA/Mauritania, CNLAA/Morocco, DLCO-EA, DPPQS/India, FAO-DLIS, INPV/Algeria, and PPD/Sudan).