Early Warning Update - Report 20, 8 May 2011

Situation Report
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Core Messages:

From the 8 May meeting of the Early Warning Information Working Group attended by FAO, iMMAP, OCHA, Solidarities International, USAID and WFP.


  • Below average levels of precipitation have been recorded in the last two dekad of April and the first dekad of May.


  • Households at high risk of flooding are in the north western region.

  • The temperature in the second and third dekads of April were generally above the long‐term average.

Crop Conditions:

  • Yield deficits of an unknown size and location can be expected for winter and spring wheat, because of lack of precipitation during both cultivation seasons.

  • A quantitative crop assessment is currently being undertaken by MAIL and a qualitative crop assessment is being undertaken by FEWSNET and WFP.

Market Situation:

  • A critical increase has been observed for wheat and wheat flour prices in the central highlands, northern and north western parts of the country.

  • The prices of sheep in the aforementioned areas has also decreased by 20%.

  • In Faizabad, there has been a significant increase of 38.3% in wheat price comparing the 4th week price to the 3rd week price in April.

  • Rice price increased by 21% because of the general effect of wheat prices on all grains in the market during the last week of April 2011.