DTM Afghanistan: Drought Response Situation Report - Herat (9 - 28 September 2018)

from International Organization for Migration
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6 Flow Monitoring Points (FMPs) established at checkpoints on major highways connecting to Herat at Shedaye, Band Pashtun, Karokh, Kamar Kulagh, Armalek and Chaharsoy Guzara

9,506 IDPs have been enumerated across all FMPs (inflow & outflow)

8,787 arriving IDPs are drought-induced (92% of all IDPs)

663 arriving IDPs are conflict-induced (7% of all IDPs)

8,309 arriving IDPs’ intended destination is Injil district (88%), mainly in informal settlements in Shedaye

6,375 arriving IDPs are from Badghis province (67%)

7,181 arriving IDPs intend to live in tents or in the open air (76%)

6,975 arriving IDPs do not intend to return home (74%)

IOM’s Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) team mobilized to respond to critical levels of internal displacement, caused by what is being described as the worst drought in Afghanistan in decades. Throughout the country, the drought has impacted an estimated 2.2 million Afghans in regards to access to water, crop production and agricultural output. It has particularly affected rural dwellers who depend on farming for survival. As a result, tens of thousands of Afghans have fled their homes in search of stable water sources, heading to areas close to rivers or towards cities. In coordination with ANDMA, DoRR, OCHA and WFP, DTM provides emergency support by monitoring flows and registering drought-affected IDP families.

Herat province has been severely impacted, in terms of hosting drought-affected IDPs from neighbouring provinces, most particularly from Badghis. On 9 September, in response to the emergency, DTM has established emergency flow monitoring points (FMPs), strategically positioned on major highways connecting to Herat City and surrounding, peri-urban districts.

At each FMP, DTM teams monitor incoming and outgoing flows of IDPs, identify and register drought-affected IDP families, and provide newly arriving families with IDP Cards to facilitate their registration for humanitarian assistance.

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