DanChurchAid sends relief to mudslide victims

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83.000 US dollars are on their way to the victims in the Badahkshan province in Afghanistan, who were hit by a mudslide last week. The money will provide relief in terms of food, medical assistance and shelter to the affected families.

09.05.2014 by Lisbeth Svalgaard

2,500 people were buried alive, when the mud came sliding down and covered the village rapidly. Neighbors rushing to help were caught in the mud as well. Around 4,000 thousand people are now displaced.

The loss of mothers, fathers, neighbors and friends have affected the surviving community deeply, just like the loss of homes, crops and livestock makes it almost impossible for the villagers to carry on.

This is why DanChurchAid decided to give 83.000 US dollars (500.000 DKK) to help the affected families. The money will cover basic acute needs such as clean drinking water, food, shelter, mattresses and blankets as well as medical aid.

New mudslides are highly likely

The Badahkshan province is located in northern Afghanistan, and floods, avalanches, landslides and droughts frequently strike the area. The population is very poor, and many live in mud houses, which does not provide much protection when nature rages.

Approximately 700 families are still at risk of being hit by new mudslides, and the Afghan authorities have started an evacuation of the area.

The help from DanChurchAid will be implemented through the partner organization ACT Alliance to the Church World Service in Afghanistan.

Food packages for families

A food package from DanChurchAid will be distributed to 500 families.
A package for a family of seven includes:

  • 60 kg flour
  • 25 kg rice
  • 11 kg pulses
  • 400 g sugar
  • 1 kg salt
  • 7 litres cooking oil