CWS Tools of Hope and Blanket report Jan-Jun 2002

from Church World Service
Published on 30 Jun 2002
The following represent some of the many ways Church World Service is creating a rainbow of help and hope - a beautiful Rainbow of Caring - through the Tools of Hope & Blanket Program.
International Response

Afghanistan - Shelter kits (tent, ground sheet, plastic tarp, and four quilts) for some 17,000 uprooted families. $250,000

Bangladesh - Blankets for emergency preparedness and income for tribal women producing the blankets enabling them to care for their families. $100,000

Belarus - 3,750 blankets and 45,000 baby blankets for Global Assistance.

Bosnia/Herzegovina - Micro-enterprise gardening and small-scale farming projects for displaced and returning families. Seeds, tools, and fertilizer will enable them to grow food for their family and more to sell to meet other needs. $39,712

Burkina Faso - Well construction in Bulkiemde and Arbolle regions for home use and small garden irrigation. Tools such as buckets, watering cans, rakes, shovels, wheelbarrows to establish vegetable and Moringa gardens. $29,201

Burma/Myanmar - Blankets, mosquito nets, and sleeping mats for refugees in camps on the Thai-Burma border. $250,000

Cambodia - Self-help development and micro-credit projects in rural communities, including training and support of village health volunteers, village livestock agents, well construction and maintenance, and village cow banks. $44,050

Cuba - 1,375 blankets and other emergency supplies for the Consejo Ecumenico de Cuba following Hurricane Michelle.

Mexico - 500 blankets to Companero en Ministerio, Inc. for the homeless in Tijuana.

Guatemala - Community-based development and micro-loan programs to rural villages for drip irrigation systems for vegetable crops, training in crop diversification and pest control, establish greenhouses, and support for traditional weaving and dressmaking projects. $33,140

Kenya - Enhance food security and income producing activities for rural families through water projects (wells, water storage, pumps, pipes) and revolving loan programs which provide dairy goats, flower and fruit tree cultivation, chicks, beekeeping equipment and training. $67,426

Laos - Blankets and mosquito nets for ethnic minority students attending boarding schools far from home. Training programs are also held for these students, teaching hands-on vocational skills in weaving, sewing, blacksmithing, carpentry, fishing, and gardening. $70,000

Senegal - Irrigation pump, seeds, fertilizer, fuel, and fencing for women's fruit tree orchard and vegetable gardens in Keur Momar Sarr. $9,747

Sierra Leone - 1,750 wool blankets and 1,500 baby blankets for emergency distribution by the Council of Churches in Sierra Leone. Rural families are rebuilding their lives in the Bombali district following civil war with the help of hoes, shovels, seeds, and plants, for growing food and raising chickens, sheep, and goats for food and income. $44,200

Sudan - Two grinding mills for the villages of South and North Bor will allow the women and girls a more efficient way to grind grain and will provide food for the students in the school, enabling the women to become involved in other income generating activities, and giving the girls more time for learning. $28,807