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CrisisInSight Weekly Picks, 29 June 2022


At least 362,000 people across Paktika and Khost provinces are in need of humanitarian assistance following the 5.9 magnitude earthquake that hit eastern Afghanistan on 22 June. More than 1,000 people died, and around 3,700 others were injured. Road conditions and damage to communication networks have posed challenges for rescue operations and aid delivery. Critical infrastructure sustained widespread damage and destruction in the earthquake, including 4,500 homes and at least seven schools, and health facilities and water networks. Needs include emergency shelter and NFIs, food, healthcare, and WASH assistance. In total, 17 districts were affected, with most located in remote mountainous areas. Barmal, Giyan (Paktika province), and Spera (Khost province) are the most affected. 6,400 people are staying in the open across these three districts, of whom 3,200 are in Barmal district alone. These families need a supply of drinking water and are at risk of contracting communicable diseases.

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More than 3,200 mine workers including 172 children (boys) who fled Kouri Bougoudi (Tibesti) following clashes at a mining site over 23-24 May are stranded near the Libyan border in Wour, Zouar, Zouarké, Faya, Kollou and at "Puits 80". Insecurity leaves them exposed to risks such as abuse and human trafficking. The displaced people cannot afford to return to their usual place of residence, putting additional pressure on the limited resources of host communities alongside already rising food prices. Access to water is also creating tensions between mine workers and host communities. Most of the mine workers, who are mainly from Chad, Sudan, and Central African Republic, sleep in the open. Some of them are sick or sustained injuries related to the clashes. Food, transport to habitual residence, NFIs, clean water, shelter, protection and healthcare are urgently needed.

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On 18 June, at least 250 civilians were killed in an attack on Tole village, Gimbi woreda in West Wellega, Oromia. Zonal authorities estimate displacement of at least 4,800 people to Diga woreda, who urgently need emergency shelter, food, and non-food items. Homes, businesses, cattle, and agricultural crops were reportedly looted and damaged. However, the situation remains unclear, including the number of people displaced and total number of people killed, given limited humanitarian access and information. It is also unclear whether humanitarian organisations are able to respond. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack. The regional forces have since been deployed to the area.

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