COVID-19 Epidemiological Bulletin, Afghanistan - Epidemiological Week 41 (10 – 16 Oct 2021)

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Highlights of the week

As of week 41, 766,935 samples have been tested for COVID-19 by both public and private laboratories. Of this number, 471,941 (61.5%) samples were tested through public confirmatory laboratories.

In week 41, 251 new cases of COVID-19 (percent positivity 15.9) and 17 new deaths were reported. This is a 16% increase in cases and 31% increase in deaths compared to week 40 (Table 1).

Cumulatively, 155,764 confirmed cases (overall percent positivity 33.0) of COVID-19 with 7,243 associated deaths (CFR=4.6%) have been reported in Afghanistan since Feb 2020.

In week 41, the highest number of COVID-19 cases were reported in the South and Northeast (101 cases and 50 cases, respectively) (Table 2). The top five provinces that reported positive cases include Helmand (48 cases), Badakhshan (43 cases), Kandahar (43 cases), Nangarhar (39 cases), and Herat (30 cases).

Overall, Afghanistan has reported 4,698 confirmed cases and 96 associated deaths among healthcare workers (HCWs) since 2020. To date, Herat, Kabul, Nangarhar, Balkh and Kunar reported the highest number of positive cases among HCWs.