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COVID-19 emergency response - Middle East and Eastern Europe Regional Situation Report #13 - 17 September 2020


Situation Overview

COVID-19 Cases: 543,439

COVID-19 Deaths: 15,953

After a decline in July, cases in the Middle East jumped back in August to average around 15,000 per day. Both Israel and Turkey are reporting over 1,500 new case per day. Iraq’s record 5,036 cases on 4 September keeps it at the centre of the regional outbreak.

Uncontrolled contagion continues, despite some social distancing restrictions. Humanitarian access is a challenge, especially in Northern Iraq as the National Operation Command has stopped issuing access letters for INGOs operating there. Two new COVID-19 cases have been confirmed positive on 8 September in Jordan’s Azraq Refugee Camp, which hosts 36,800 Syrian refugees. Monitoring and preventive measures to contain the spread of the virus have been immediately taken. Yet, with the rise of cases continuing across the country, World Vision is concerned about almost 22,500 refugee children still in the camp who are exposed to vulnerabilities that increase by the day. In Lebanon, COVID-19 cases in the past month have increased by 20 percent. As lockdown measures ease, the continued increase in COVID-19 cases are expected to continue stressing the already fragile health system and communities affected by the recent earthquake.

Surge in cases and stricter containment measures are observed in Eastern Europe countries as well, including Romania, Georgia, Albania, and Bosnia and Herzagovina.