Council decides on EU Police Mission in Afghanistan

10212/07 (Presse 124)

The Council adopted today a joint action on the EU Police Mission in Afghanistan - EUPOL Afghanistan.

The mission aims at contributing to the establishment of sustainable and effective civilian policing arrangements under Afghan ownership which will ensure appropriate interaction with the wider criminal justice system. It will also support the reform process towards a trusted and efficient police service which works in accordance with international standards.

The mission will carry out its tasks through monitoring, mentoring, advice and training at the level of the Afghan Ministry of Interior, regions and provinces. It will work towards a joint overall strategy of the international community in police reform and support the government of Afghanistan in coherently implementing their strategy.

Brigadier-General Friedrich Eichele (Germany) is appointed Head of Mission.

The mission is established for a duration of three years. The operational phase is due to begin on 15 June 2007.

EUPOL Afghanistan will consist of some 160 police, law enforcement and justice experts.

Candidate and other third states may be invited to contribute to EUPOL Afghanistan.

The EU Political and Security Committee (PSC) will exercise the political control and the strategic direction regarding the mission. The High Representative will give guidance to the Head of Mission through the EU Special Representative for Afghanistan.

The financial reference amount intended to cover the expenditure (common costs) related to EUPOL Afghanistan until 29 March 2008 will be EUR 43,6 million. EUPOL Afghanistan will be part of the overall EU commitment to Afghanistan and of a coordinated EU approach. In the period 2002-2006, the EU, as the second largest donor, contributed collectively EUR 3,7 billion (EC budget and EU member states) in aid to Afghanistan, amounting to one third of the aid provided by the international community.