Contract for aid of USD68.5 million signed between Education Ministry and UNICEF in Kabul

The agreement of USD68.5 million aids by the UNICEF to the Ministry of Education was signed by the Minister of Education Farouq Wardak and Mr. Peter Crowley representative of the UN Secretary General for UNICEF in Afghanistan.
During the signing ceremony the Minister of Education said that the education ministry is striving continuously to carry on constructive steps towards improving the quality of education to the interest of the children of the country and continue its efforts for further enrichment of the educational system in Afghanistan.
Peter Crowley the UNICEF representative promised that the world aid especially that of UNICEF will not only continue to Afghanistan and to the education sector in Afghanistan after 2014, but increase manifolds after the 2014 as well.
It is intended that this sum of aid will be expended in 2013 and 2014 for the following aims:
1 . Support to 2270 new and existing local schools for provision of necessary training facilities for continuation of education of 555,000 students (60% girls) of school age students.
2 . Facilitating of safe training through 60 accelerated educational centers for 125,000 students,
3 . Building of 70 new school buildings including their attachments in Daikundi, Ghour and Bamyan and hopefully 23 of them will be completed during the 2013.
4 . Completion of construction of 11 school buildings in 2013 with using of local possibilities
construction on which remained incomplete in Balkh, Saripul, Samangan and Jawzjna provinces.
5 . Preparing of teaching facilities for local accelerated classes.

Meanwhile, of the assisted sum, use will be made for improving education, in literacy spheres, supervision of the world participation programs for education and in emergency conditions under operational plans stocking of teaching aids at provincial levels.

It should be stated that the UNICEF has been assisting the education ministry and health sector since 1960 and from 2010 has been one of the biggest donor and financier of the education ministry’s programs.

The main financiers of the UNICEF programs in Afghanistan are Belgium, Canada, Japan, Lithuania, Holland, Norway, Sweden, and UAE. It should be noted that the national committees of UNICEF are supported by Canada, Germany, Holland, and the UN for primary education, gender equality and reaction in emergency conditions.

Information and Publication Department
Ministry of Education