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Conflict, Stability and Security Fund: UK Support to the Afghanistan Peace Process

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Programme activities were due to support peace initiatives under the Afghan High Peace Council (HPC) through the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) administered Support to Peace and Social Cohesion in Afghanistan (SPSCA). This continued the support that the UK has already provided to the High Peace Council through contributions to salary payments. However, this concluded in July 2019 after the HPC Executive Secretariat was disbanded and a new Ministry of Peace established.

BBC Media Action’s Open Jirga panel television programme to support the debate of issues related to peace and elections.

Following a successful pilot in 2018/19, we are funding a project delivered by Equality for Peace and Democracy to support peacebuilding at a local level, including building the capacity of women, tribal elders, religious leaders and youth groups in 13 provinces. The goal is to create an diverse network of apeacebuilders (and women in particular), linking them with counterparts from Sri Lanka to share expertise and experience.

Building on a CSSF-funded Wilton Park conference on peace in Afghanistan held in Istanbul in January, Wilton Park and the Kabul Embassy will deliver a series of virtual seminars for peace practitioners, sharing global expertise via Skype.

UK support is made up of £11m of Official Development Assistance (ODA) funding over the programme’s life. The primary goal of this funding is to support peacebuilding in Afghanistan; helping to reduce conflict will in turn contribute to the UK’s poverty reduction objectives. The programme will respond flexibly to developments on intra-Afghan negotiations, and as such funds have been kept in reserve.