Christian Aid says Afghan work will continue

Following the murder of Christian charity worker Gayle Williams by Taliban in Afghanistan, Christian Aid, which supports a number of projects in the country, said it would continue operations there.

'Christian Aid has the utmost sympathy for Gayle Williams and her family, colleagues and friends,' said Christian Aid spokesman John Davison. 'We are aware too that a growing number of Afghans working for national and international non governmental organisations are being abducted and killed which is equally abhorrent.

'The security situation in Afghanistan has been deteriorating for the past six months. We have two international staff in country, and a small team of local workers. Arrangements for their safety are kept under constant review. For security reasons we are not saying where they work in the country.

'Christian Aid is not a proselytising organisation - we are a development agency helping alleviate poverty and the causes of poverty where ever we can.

'We work with local partners where the need is greatest, irrespective of race or religion. This was apparently accepted by Taliban when they constituted the Afghan government and we were able to work inside the country. We have no plans to pull out of Afghanistan now.'

The partners that Christian Aid helps support in Afghanistan work on a range of projects from constructing dams and irrigation systems to helping women access skills and resources.