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Child protection in United Nations Peacekeeping: Volume I

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The Department of Peacekeeping Operations has deployed over 120,000 blue helmets to 15 Peacekeeping Missions all over the world. Each and every one of those blue helmets has a unique story to tell about working with children in conflict situations.

Protecting those who are most vulnerable in conflict is one of the crucial duties the Security Council has entrusted to United Nations Peacekeeping Operations.

Along with our partners, we are called to protect children from all the atrocities they fall victim to in conflict situations, such as killing, maiming, rape and other forms of sexual violence, and forced military recruitment.

The Department is committed to ensuring that every peacekeeper is aware of this responsibility, because every peacekeeper can and must contribute to the protection of children in conflict.

In Child Protection in United Nations Peacekeeping: Volume I you will meet a committed United Nations police officer in Haiti, a civil affairs officer who serves as child protection focal point in Lebanon, a child protection adviser in Afghanistan and a child protection officer in Southern Sudan, who used to be a child soldier himself.

The stories in this publication showcase the commitment of selected individuals. Multiplied by over 120,000, this commitment—backed by action, however small—can make a significant difference to the children on the ground.