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CBCMP closing event at MAIL

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The Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock, Mohammad Asif Rahimi, hosted a special closing ceremony for the United States Department of Agriculture’s Capacity Building and Change Management Program on April 23, 2014, to recognize the achievements of the program and its contributions to the Ministry.

The speakers reflected on the achievements of CBCMP at MAIL and DAILS in the past three and a half years. CBCMP is divided into two components which started work in eight directorates under Deputy Minister for Finance and Administration and 10 directorates under Deputy Minister for Technical Affairs and two directorates under H.E. the Minister’s office. After 18 months, CBCMP extended its work to seven regional provincial directorates (DAILs) and in the past year added additional four provincial DAILs. CBCMP worked in limited capacity in all 34 provincial DAILs.

Mohammad Asif Rahimi delivered remarks at the event. Afterwards, he commented, “since late 2010, 230 Change Agents of CBCMP spread across offices of MAIL in Kabul and provinces. Men and women of high caliber in management and technical knowledge, the Change Agents worked alongside their MAIL counterparts to provide them with workforce support, on the job training and improved work mechanisms.”

Dr. Ken Yamashita, Program Coordination Director for the US Embassy, Kabul, delivered remarks at the event. Afterwards, he commented, “We often talk about transformational programs, we often talk about legacy, and we often talk about ‘making a difference.’ This is one project that has achieved all three.”