ANP, ISAF rescue 42 Afghans from rising waters

Release # 2007-485

BAGRAM AIR FIELD, Afghanistan (June 28) - Afghan National Police and ISAF soldiers rescued 42 local Afghans who were trapped on rocks in Jamalagha, near the Panjshir River, in Kapisa province, as the waters continued to rise June 27.

"This emergency situation highlights the professionalism and dedication of the ANP," said Maj. Bill Shavce, RC East's assistant chief of operations. "Through their selfless efforts, they were able to save the lives of 42 fellow Afghans."

For the past two days, severe floods ravaged parts of Afghanistan in Kabul, Parwan, Kapisa and Kunar provinces, killing and injuring an unknown number of Afghans and destroying residential and agricultural areas.

To assess the situation, a joint patrol from ISAF's Regional Command East and ANP servicemembers from Kapisa and the Kapisa chief of police traveled to the Panjshir River.

The joint patrol witnessed two groups of local Afghans stranded by the river, which was approximately 30 feet deep and moving at a high rate of speed.

The patrol attempted to rescue the stranded people but realized that the people were in imminent danger, Shavce said. They requested support from two aircraft that were nearby, he added.

ISAF dispatched two UH-60s to the site, where they began lifting the people to safety.

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