Afghans pay for Taliban extremist's actions

News and Press Release
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KHOWST, Afghanistan (June 27) - In two separate incidents recently, the people of Andar district, Ghazni province, have suffered at the hands of Taliban extremists.

One incident was the destruction of humanitarian aid and the other was an improvised explosive device attack. Both incidents are under investigation by the ANSF and ISAF.

Villagers reported that insurgents stole and burned humanitarian aid belonging to the people of Gongay after it was delivered to them June 19 by the Afghan National Army. Two men on motorcycles with AK-47s reportedly rode into the town collected up the aid materials, took what they wanted and then burned more than seven tons of food, clothes, shoes and school supplies.

Afghan soldiers who responded confirmed the report by going through the ashes of the fire.

"This is one in a long line of selfish acts by the Taliban," said Col. Sayed Waqif Shah, ANA 203rd Corps religious and cultural adviser. "Not only did they take what they wanted, but they didn't even leave anything for the people."

Later the same day, a construction worker called for help, saying that someone had struck an IED had injured an Afghan. ANA medics arrived to the scene and transported the injured man to a local hospital.

"Everybody understands the insurgents are not only the enemy of the (Afghan National Security Forces), but also the people," said ANA Sgt. 1st Class Mastak Khan, Operation Maiwand spokesman.