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Afghanistan/Balkans/Hurricane Mitch: CWS Hotline - - Week of 22/03/99

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Volunteer rebuilding teams are working in Honduras
HONDURAS -- Jennifer Hanson (R), from Dorset, VT, helps rebuild homes destroyed by Hurricane Mitch in the southern Honduran village of 12 de Febrero. Working with her is Mateo Lopez, a resident there. Hanson was a member of the first CWS construction team sent to Honduras to assist the Christian Commission for Development (CCD) in its rebuilding efforts.

HURRICANE MITCH RECOVERY -- CWS construction teams hard at work in Honduras helping communities to rebuild homes damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Mitch.

So far this month, a team from Bloomsburg, PA, has worked with the 12 de Febrero community to excavate and pour foundations. Marcia Coleman, an adult ministries coordinator at Wesley United Methodist Church, in Bloomsburg, says, "I realized this would be a great opportunity for me to have some hands-on, side-by-side time with these people that I've come to care about through praying for them."

Teams from Rock Hill, SC, and American University, in Washington, DC, are also hard at work this month with our Honduran neighbors.

Church World Service, in partnership with the Christian Commission for Development (CCD) in Honduras, the Council of Evangelical Churches (CEPAD) in Nicaragua, and the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR), is coordinating a volunteer program for rebuilding homes damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Mitch. Volunteer teams travel at their own expense to work in reconstruction and rehabilitation efforts. Interested teams, please call 1-888-283-6113 for more information.

CWS is targeting long-term needs, while continuing to help meet emergency needs for food, shelter, and health-care. We have provided more than $1,457,000 in bulk food, CWS Gift of the Heart Health and Baby Kits, medicines, blankets and tools, and funds for the purchase of blankets and other emergency supplies to partners in Honduras, Nicaragua, and Guatemala.

Survivors thank CWS for Afghanistan earthquake assistance

AFGHANISTAN -- "Thank you," said the survivors of the February 11 earthquake in Afghanistan's Wardak and Logar provinces to CWS Executive Director Rodney Page and CWS Southern Asia Office Director Larry Tankersley, when they visited the region in late February. CWS provided 2,500 tents, 600 tarpaulins, and 650 plastic sheets.

CWS recovery assistance continues in Bosnia

BOSNIA -- CWS is assisting micro-credit and income generation projects in 16 villages to help communities absorb returnees and internally displaced people in Bosnia. In so doing, CWS works with local and national partners representing all groups, including Muslim, Serbian Orthodox, Croat, Catholic, and Jewish.

People receiving loans have to return some in-kind or cash payment such as milk, cheese or eggs to the community. This "repays" the loan through an organization assisting vulnerable people from another ethnic or religious background.

One of those who lost everything but has returned is Ljubica Bojanovic, a 68-year-old Serb who recently came back to her home village of Zelijusa. "We were true neighbors with everyone," she says. "We want everyone to return. I can't live here unless my Croat and Muslim neighbors are also here."

In addition to support for reconstruction, agriculture, food production and income- generation projects, CWS has provided blankets, School Kits, Health Kits and Baby Kits. In 1998, some 10,000 people received a CWS School or Health Kit.

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