Afghanistan Weekly Situation Report 23 - 29 Jun 2005

Situation Report
Originally published

The security situation is worsening in some areas, with a US army helicopter reportedly downed in the east and a temporary suspension of UNHAS flights to the east due to credible threats. In the south, southeast and eastern parts, insurgent activities hampered work and monitoring activities.

Floods continue to cause substantial damage in communities in the central, northern and eastern provinces of the country.

Under the chairmanship of the Minister of the Economy, WFP Afghanistan presented its draft proposed PRRO to ministers in anticipation of its presentation to the Executive Board in November.


During the reporting period, WFP assisted 134,800 beneficiaries.


On 26 June, floods in Shortepa district of the northern Balkh province destroyed over 95 homes, displacing 285 families. Government, WFP, other United Nations agencies and cooperating partners have joined hands to immediately respond to the emergency. WFP is delivering food aid while other agencies are providing non-food items, including tents, blankets, plastic sheets, water purification tablets, jerry cans, and transportation facilities to move these items to the affected areas.

Heavy floods have cut off Fayz Abad, center of the northeastern Badakhshan province, from its surrounding areas, hampering the ongoing humanitarian work for the victims of recent floods in the region.

The central and eastern regions were also hit by floods. WFP provided 13 mt of mixed food to 280 affected families in Parwan and Kapisa provinces, and 100 mt to 820 households in the eastern Kunar and Nangarhar provinces.