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Afghanistan Weekly Field Report (17 December – 23 December 2018)

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Key issues in the past week:

Food cluster reached 104,500 drought-affected people in eight provinces with 720 metric tons (mt) of food and US$180,000 in cash transfers.

Based on initial reports, 4,100 people were displaced in the past week.

A total of 332,900 people have been verified as displaced by conflict in 2018.

Countrywide conflict displacement

A total of 332,900 people have been verified as being displaced by conflict in 2018, according to OCHA’s Displacement Tracking System (DTS). Overall, the number of people displaced so far this year is 34 per cent - less than the same period last year (505,883).

Conflict Displacement Alerts

Alerts of conflict displacement are shared based on initial information received from the ground. Numbers can change as more information becomes available.

Central Region: Reports from Daykundi suggest that due to recent NSAG attacks about 313 IDP families (2,191 individuals) are displaced from Pato district of the province to Nili (capital) and the secure areas inside Pato district.

Western Region: Reports from Farah suggest that, reportedly, 200 families (1400 individuals) families have been displaced from Ghor province to Farah city as a result of conflict and drought.

North and North East Region: DoRR of Badakhshan reported that 72 families had been displaced due to conflict from different parts of Badakhshan province.


As part of the ongoing full-scale drought response, WFP and its partners reached 104,500 drought-affected people both in rural and urban areas of eight provinces with 720 (mt) of food and US$180,000 in cash transfers to cover food needs. In the first three weeks of December,
WFP and partners assisted nearly 450,000 droughtaffected people with some 3,750 (mt) of food and US$540,000 in cash transfers.

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