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Afghanistan Weekly Field Report (12 - 18 February 2017)

Situation Report
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Countrywide Conflict Displacement

The total number of individuals displaced by conflict in 2016 has risen to 652,690 as joint teams finalise assessments of those displaced last year. In 2017 so far, 15,445 individuals have been verified as displaced, with 18 out of 34 provinces recording some level of forced displacement.

Northern/North Eastern: In keeping with the previous weeks’ trends, the region remained volatile with NSAGs taking control of several additional villages in Faryab province, adding to areas already captured this year in Khaja Sabz Posh and Shirintagab districts, and increasing insecurity along the Maymana highway. Unconfirmed reports indicate that 400 families from Gurzad village in Shirintagab district were displaced as a result of this fighting, with assessments due to commence shortly. In 2017 so far, 3,137 verified IDPs have been displaced from the region; approximately 20 per cent of the country total.

Eastern: Intense cross border shelling and airstrikes from Pakistan into Afghanistan - hitting Parchaw Rina and Machmegee villages of Lal Pur district - continued for two days during the week following suicide bombings in Pakistan on 13 and 16 February. As a result, unconfirmed reports indicate that between 1,200 to 2000 individuals were displaced to Chaknawar, Mohmandara, Goshta, Ghanikhel and within Lal Pur District. Assessments are due to commence shortly.

Western: Throughout the week, Farah registered a number of armed clashes between ANSF and NSAG forces while Hirat experienced low key armed clashes in Karukh, and Ghoryan districts. As a result, 199 individuals were displaced to Qalae-Naw city (Badghis) and 371 people to Hirat city. In 2017 so far, 1,576 verified IDPs have been displaced from the region; approximately 10 per cent of the country total. ANSF conducted clearing operations in Guzara district.

Southern: Frontline clashes and airstrikes remained active throughout the week in Hilmand, Kandahar, Uruzgan and Zabul. Unconfirmed reports indicate up to 200 families were displaced from Sangin to Lashkargah city while assessments identified 156 newly displaced families in Uruzgan. Routes to Nad-e-Ali/Marja, Nawa-e-Barakzaiy and Garmser remain closed. In 2017 so far, 8,247 verified IDPs have been displaced from the region; more than 50 per cent of the country total.

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