Afghanistan: Weapons cache seized in Kandahar; livestock receive vaccinations in Kunar; ISAF casualties

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ISAF Joint Command - Afghanistan

KABUL, Afghanistan (Dec. 20) - An Afghan National Security Force-led unit discovered a large weapons cache in Kandahar province Panjwa district yesterday.

The joint unit discovered approximately 140 pounds of homemade explosive material including six pounds of ammonium nitrate, materials for a pressure plate and detonation cord. The material was impounded for evidence. No one was injured or harmed in this operation.

More Than 450 Animals Receive Vaccinations in Kunar

More than 100 farmers brought in their livestock for vaccinations and vitamin treatment during a veterinary clinic in Naray district Friday.

A California National Guard Agri-business Development Team (ADT) partnered with local leaders to administer vaccinations and vitamin treatment to 462 animals in northern Kunar province.

The Nary district line director for agriculture said the ADT's work benefits the people.

"We don't have any other companies working (here) and we have no money, so livestock is very important to the people," Hajji Shadifullah said.

Mr. Shadifullah said in an area where there are no cell phones, radios and few people have electricity, farm animals are the only currency and healthy animals mean increased wealth.

The ADT worked with Afghan elders, military-aged men and children from the surrounding villages to help set up the holding pens and assisted with vaccinations. Eight local Afghans also received training on how to properly administer vaccinations.

Each animal received a health assessment using an approved number-conditioning system to document and check the animal's overall health before moving them to holding pens for vaccinations. The animals were treated for anthrax, rabies and eight-way clostridials for cattle.

"We had a good mix of people from the Afghan National Army, Afghan National Police, local veterinarian technicians and government leadership from Naray," said Army Lt. Col. Max Velte, ADT deputy commander. The team also received support from the Afghan Vet Association from Jalalabad.

In addition to the vaccinations and training, villagers who attended the clinic received a small radio, extra medication for their animals and information to help with proper medication for healthy animals.

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ISAF Casualties

An ISAF member from the United Kingdom was killed when his unit encountered an IED in southern Afghanistan yesterday. Another ISAF service member from Poland was killed yesterday when his unit was attacked by insurgents' small arms fire in eastern Afghanistan.

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