Afghanistan: WASH Cluster Performance Monitoring: Final Report – April 2021

Evaluation and Lessons Learned
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This report provides the findings of the (WASH) Cluster Performance Monitoring and allows the reporting of good practices, constraints and action points that will be identified and agreed upon by the cluster during the revision of the preliminary report.

The overall 2020 CCPM results were presented at the WASH Cluster monthly meeting held on February 9th, 2021:

  • Increase of participation – thanks to all partners for their inputs:
    • 54 organizations having responded (38 last year): Donors: 1 -> 4; National Authority: 1 -> 1; NNGOs: 11 -> 16; INGOs: 23 -> 27; UN: 2-> 5.
  • Feedback averages still good and satisfactory:
    • Slight increase of good appreciations despite COVID-19 (good: 10 -> 11 sub-functions; satisfactory: 9 -> 8; unsatisfactory 0 -> 0; weak: 0 -> 0)
      ▪ Slight increases: Plan/objective/indicators; Protection/PSEA issues;
      ▪ Slight decrease: Advocacy on behalf cluster, cluster members and affected people;
      ▪ Pending challenges: Gap analysis; Early warning; Cluster role; Advocacy.

The action points (in the last 2 columns of the table report below) have been filled according to discussions held at a dedicated meeting reviewing the results of the cluster performance on March 31st, 2021 – in DACAAR office with 12 key WASH Cluster partners. The main CCPM recommendations for 2021 were presented at the WASH Cluster monthly meeting held on April 6th, 2021.