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Afghanistan Voluntary Repatriation Update - November 2017



In November 2017, UNHCR facilitated the return to Afghanistan of a total of 2,603 Afghan refugees, including 2,548 from Pakistan, 44 from Iran, 6 from Tajikistan and 5 from India. This figure is 38% lower than 4,188 refugees who returned in October. Normally return trends decrease from mid-October onward (during winter season).

UNHCR’s facilitated return programme from Pakistan entered a winter break from 01 December, 2017 until 28 February, 2018 and will resume on 1st March 2018. Return from Iran and other countries will continue throughout the year.

The 29th Tripartite Commission meeting (between the Governments of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Pakistan and UNHCR) and the fifth meeting of the Quadripartite Steering Committee (between Governments of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan and UNHCR) was held in Istanbul, Turkey on 30 November and 01 December, 2017 respectively. Both meetings were hosted and chaired by the GoIRA and delegations from GoIRP, GoIRI along with representatives from UNHCR Offices in Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan attended the meetings. Parties reaffirmed their commitment to the principle of voluntary repatriation, in safety and with dignity; and urged enhanced joint efforts to create an environment conducive to voluntary and gradual return and sustainable reintegration inside Afghanistan, as well as to continue to support host communities in Iran and Pakistan, under the framework of Solutions Strategy for Afghan refugees beyond December 2017.