Afghanistan: Suicide attack in East, many civilians killed

At least ten civilians were killed, said official sources (though some sources have suggested that twice as many may have died), after a suicide bombing attack in the eastern part of the country, close to the border with Pakistan. The attack took place on the road to Jalalabad, provincial capital of Nangarhar; the attackers are believed to be targeting a military convoy. "A man driving an explosives laden vehicle crashed into a military convoy on the Jalalabad -Torkham road"said the local police chief, Syed Abdoul Ghafar, adding that "the attack took place at 07:40 local time". The explosion, however, also affected a nearby crowded vegetable and cattle market, killing and wounding civilians (health sources said at least 50 people were wounded). The spokesman said that an American soldier was also killed in the attack. In recent months, the exacerbation of fighting has worsened the security conditions, and civilians are being ever more affected as the innocent victims of bombing attacks or battle crossfire of the coalition forces and the local insurgents.