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Afghanistan: Snapshot of Population Movements - January to December 2019 (As of 31 December 2019)


In 2019, displacement due to ongoing conflict and natural disasters is continuing to drive humanitarian needs in Afghanistan. More than 437,000 people have left their homes this year due to fighting. Many of these people remain displaced across the country, as conflict and poverty prevent them from returning to their areas of origin. Around 84,000 of the 245,000 people displaced in the country’s West in 2018/19 mainly because of drought are still living in displacement sites, often unable to return home because of conflict in their place of origin. In addition to this, close to 465,300 people have returned from neighbouring countries to Afghanistan so far this year including 440,000 from Iran, and 25,300 from Pakistan. Deportations from Turkey are also on the rise to 22,723 people so far in 2019, while a small number also returned from Europe. The 2019 Humanitarian Needs Overview estimates that close to a million people on the move will need humanitarian assistance by the end of the year.


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