Afghanistan Situation - Situation Report # 2, 26 August 2021


Situation Overview

Following the takeover of power by the Taliban, humanitarian access is opening in some areas allowing limited delivery of assistance to resume but remains extremely challenging. Gaps and delays in assistance may lead to further deterioration of the dire humanitarian situation.

In Kabul, the situation at the Hamid Karzai International Airport (HKIA) remains tense and volatile as thousands of Afghans attempt to leave the country; evacuations by some foreign governments are ongoing. Uncertain access conditions and an unpredictable security environment, violence against humanitarians, and limitations on the availability of cash are hampering humanitarian operations.

Between 1 January and 9 August 2021, an estimated 558,123 people have been internally displaced by conflict in Afghanistan, with 32 out of 34 provinces recording some level of forced displacement (source: OCHA, 23 August). Between 1 January and 19 August 2021, IOM has recorded 759,046 undocumented Afghan returnees from Iran (752,013) and Pakistan (7,033).

IOM has launched its Priority Response and Requirements for Afghanistan to raise urgent funds for its response to the current situation in Afghanistan. IOM is requesting for USD 24 million for an initial period of three months (August to November 2021) to fill emerging gaps as well as meet current priority needs for humanitarian and protection activities. These requirements are in addition to the financial needs outlined in the existing Afghanistan Humanitarian Response Plans 2021.