Afghanistan Seeks IRCS Experience

from Iranian Red Crescent
Published on 12 Sep 2018 View Original

KABUL, Sept. 12 (IRCS) _ Senior officials of the Red Crescent Societies of Iran and Afghanistan discussed developing cooperation in education and disaster management areas.

Prof. Ali Asghar Peyvandi, President of the Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS), and Dr. Mirwais Akram, Acting President of the Afghan Red Crescent Society’s (ARCS) met in Kabul, talking about joint activities. IRCS President, who has travelled to neighboring Afghanistan to visit the country’s official and the hospital built in Kabul jointly with IRCS, pointed to the activities of IRCS medical centers in Afghanistan’s Qandhar and Zaranj cities, saying that these centers were providing humanitarian services to Afghan people in various medical fields.

Referring to the common points in culture, religion and language between Iran and Afghanistan, Prof. Peyvandi noted: “A trilateral memorandum of understanding between Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan has been signed based on cooperation of the three countries and it will increase collaboration between them.”

He also pointed to tracing and restoring family links that Red Crescent Societies of Iran, Afghanistan and International Committee of the Red Cross always implement.

So far, Iranian Red Crescent has sent considerable reliefs to Afghan people in 8 disasters.

Iranian Red Crescent has two medical centers in the southwestern city of Zaranj, Nimruz, and the southern city of Qandhar, Qandhar, in Afghanistan. IRCS also has participated to build a hospital in Kabul.

Afghan Red Crescent’s Relief to Remote Areas

During the meeting, Dr. Mirwais Akram, Acting President of the Afghanistan Red Crescent, called for Iranian Red Crescent to share its experiences in health, treatment, and disaster prevention with Afghanistan Red Crescent.

He also elaborated on Afghanistan Red Crescent activities to assist the government for sending relief worker to remote area.

"Nangarhar Province is involved in severe conflicts, and Afghanistan Red Crescent sends relief and food items to hundreds of households living there,” Dr. Akram said.