Afghanistan Seasonal Monitor: May 22, 2019

from Famine Early Warning System Network
Published on 22 May 2019 View Original

Above-average water availability as main season harvest and second season planting approach


  • The 2018/19 wet season is concluding with cumulative rainfall 105 to 145 percent and higher of the long-term average across the country, mostly due to persisted weak El Niño conditions throughout the season.

  • The snowmelt water availability significantly decreased as is typical this time of year. The snowmelt is concluding across the basins except few in the northeast with permanent snowpack.

  • The seasonal abundance of rain and snow water has benefitted winter and spring wheat and is likely to facilitate second season cropping.

  • The most likely above-average temperatures in the coming month are likely to benefit grain formation/hardening and timely harvest of winter and spring wheat.


Precipitation anomalies:

Seasonal cumulative precipitation from October 1, 2018 through May 15, 2019 is significantly above average across most of the country. Most areas received upwards of 150 percent of longterm normal with relatively small areas in the northeast and southwest experiencing average to slightly above average conditions. The excess rainfall will continue to provide abundant water during flowering and maturity of winter and spring wheat in May to June.