Afghanistan’s climate stories - Interview with Basmina

My name is Basmina and I’m a teacher in Haji Saheban village in Nangarhar province. Around here, our lives are pretty good. Unlike other parts of Nangarhar life is peaceful, we don’t have too many problems with insecurity, and there have been a big effort made over the past decade to reconstruct and rebuild our village, we have access to clean water, – hospitals and schools have been built, and we even have women doctors in our hospitals for the first time.

However these are the things that we can control. There are things we cannot like the weather. These days it’s impossible to predict the weather. Some years we have drought and other years we have too much rain. Both situations make it more difficult to farm our crops. When we face these problems, like with serious flooding in the past, we all pulled together and helped one another. When we had drought, everyone in the community came together to build water reservoirs for irrigation. Working together, our community overcame these challenges. This is something no money can buy.

I’m a teacher, I can see the value of education in helping our community grow stronger. In the past, many people living around us were not sending their children to madrassas and schools to study, so I decided to become a teacher so I can help the children in my community get an education and better themselves. If we have the right knowledge and skills, I believe we can combat natural disasters together. Its people working together that achieve the most!

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