Afghanistan: Rapid Protection Assessment Report - [Saqafat Islami (PD1), Ghazni City, Ghazni Province] - May 2021

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DRC conducted a Rapid protection assessment (RPA) on the 5th May 2021, after getting an alert of new displacement by local communities in Saqafat Islami (PD1) of Ghazni city of Ghazni province. Due to armed conflict, approximately 400 to 420 households (HHs) are displaced from Qarabagh district of Ghazni province to Saqafat Islami (PD1) of Ghazni city during April 2021. The DRC protection team conducted 6 Key Informant Interviews (KIIs), 3 Community Discussions (CDs) and 3 Direct Observations (DOs) with men, women, youth, elderly and persons living with physical disabilities (PlWD). 36 community members consisting of 8 women and 28 men participated including both newly displaced persons and host communities.


Approximately 400 to 420 HHs were displaced from Qarabagh district of Ghazni province due to ongoing conflict between Armed Opposition Groups (AOGs) and Afghan National Army (ANA). They are settled in Saqfat Islami, which is government property, in PD1 of Ghazni city. Saqfat Islami consists of 40 or 42 blocks with no public facilities such as public schools and public health clinic, etc. Men and women are settled in separate blocks, and families are allowed to meet for few minutes during the day, which restricts families’ communication. Since Saqafat Islami is a government property, therefore, police are appointed to guard the property and control IDPs movement within the blocks.

All IDPs reported that they had left most of their valuable belongings back at home and were only able to carry one pair of clothes. During CDs, 50% of women reported that their husbands while 85% of IDPs reported that their relatives are still in Qarabagh district to take care of their personal properties and agricultural lands. However, IDPs showed concerns for their safety due to the ongoing armed conflict, and stated that they may leave if conflict intensifies. Almost all IDPs reported that they anticipate more arrivals due to the deteriorating security situation in their Area of origin (AoO). All participants showed return intensions once the security situation improves and peace resumes. Participants during KIIs and CDs also reported that they have got eviction notice from governor office and DoRR but they are unable to leave as have no other place to settle. Due to lack of income generation opportunities, IDPs are unable to rent place to live.

IDPs further reported that they had demonstration in front of governor office on May 4 (a day prior to RPA) against eviction’s decision.