Afghanistan: Protection Cluster Factsheet - Western Region Update (November 2017)



  • Protection Cluster and Housing, Land and Property Task Force (HLP TF) have submitted a formal advocacy letter to the governor of Herat in September 2017, who has taken action to stop relocation of people and destruction of shelters for the winter time. The Governor Office has committed to officially communicate with all relevant sectoral governmental departments to prevent any potential forced eviction. Despite it, some IDP shelters along Herat Karokh main road were destroyed in November 2017. This particular case is of concern in light of the winter season coming, which means that people will be out in the street during the coldest times of the year. The problem has been brought to the attention of DoRR and Deputy Governor. Protection Cluster and HLP TF are advocating to ensure effective protection prior, during and after an eviction of individuals, groups and communities against forced evictions and its consequences in line with Annex 4 of the National IDP policy.

  • Initial NRC assessment is indicating that the Jogi ethnicity in Herat can obtain Tazkira from Mazar province where some other Jogies have already obtained it. Hence national HLP TF will be assisting the Jogies heads of the families with transportation cost to Mazar to obtain Tazkiras.

  • According to HLP TF, Ustad Kamaladdin Behazad Township (Maslakh) master plan will be finalized in early 2018, the township will accommodate approximately ten thousands IDPs under the durable solution framework.

  • During November 2017, 565 undocumented unaccompanied minors returned from Iran (372 from Milak and 193 from Islam Qala border) and reunified with their families by UNICEF.