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Afghanistan Nutrition Cluster Bulletin - Jan to Dec 2015

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Nutrition Cluster Results highlights

  • From January to December 2015, based on the received reports, 160,160 children (73,148 boys, 87,012 girls) have been admitted for treatment of both IPD SAM and OPD SAM, of which 32,174 (20%) children were in the fourth quarter. During this year, 22,271 were admitted in IDP SAM out of which 3,584 were admitted in last quar-ter of 2015. Similarly throughout the year a total of 137,889 children were admitted in OPD SAM programmes across the country and out of these 28,590 were in last quarter of 2015. The total admitted children is 103% of the HRP 2015 target of 155,279 children. The overall reporting rate for 2015 is 70% for both IPD SAM (58%) and OPD SAM (72%).

  • From January to December 2015, based on the received reports, 144,252 (73,569 boys, 70,683 girls) children were admitted in OPD MAM programmes of which 31,706 (20%) children were admitted in the last quarter. This total children reached is 103% of the HRP 2015 target of 140, 309 children in the year. The OPD MAM reporting rate is low at approximately 65%.

  • Although there are differences in the performance indicators by programme, i.e IPD SAM , OPD SAM and OPD MAM, the overall cure rate for children in the IMAM programmes was 93.4%, Death rate was 0.5 % and defaulter rate was 6.1%, all within the sphere standards.

  • A total of 183,958 acutely malnourished pregnant and lactating women (PLW) have so far been reached from January to December 2015 of which 36,668 (20%) PLW were reached during the reporting period. It is import to note that this has already surpassed the annual target of 105, 342 PLW targeted.

  • A total of 306,733 children have been reached with micronutrient supplementation from January to December of which 70,558 were reached during the reporting period. The total reached is 52% of the annual target for the cluster hence well behind target for the year mainly due to shortage of supplies as well as under reporting.

  • In 2015, a total of 995,288 mothers and caregivers have been reached with IYCF messages out of a planned annual target of 624,554. The number reached has already surpassed the target for the year as there is multiple reporting of beneficiaries if they receive the promotion messages more than once.

  • From January to December 2015, 180 staff from 36 IPD SAM Units (TFUs) trained on management of severe acute malnutrition, out of them 44 staff (18 female and 26 male) trained in the 4th quarter of 2015.

  • Therapeutic Milk preparation kits, medicine and medical equipment, TFU files, and bedside chairs pro-vided distributed to 36 IPD SAM in 13 high risk provinces.

  • Between October to December 2015 ACF conducted one SQUEAC & SMART each in Ghazni and Lagh-man respectively

  • A total of 34 partners are providing nutrition services through 177 IPD SAM sites, 776 OPD SAM and 616 OPD MAM sites in all the country