Afghanistan: Northeast Conflict Situation Situation Report No. 8 (as of 13 October 2015)


  • Reports of relative calm and some restoration of services within Kunduz city centre, with reports of sporadic fighting continuing on the outskirts of the city.

  • Operations have been restored at the Kunduz Regional Hospital.

  • Some positive developments in access to Kunduz city on 12 October, but questions remain about the extent of potential access due to continued insecurity in some areas.

  • Water and electricity have been restored to some parts of the city, but other basic services remain unavailable due to damage from the conflict.

  • Initial estimates continue to indicate 14,000 families displaced within the Northeast, with an estimated 2,800 families displaced to Central Region.

  • Assessment nearing completion in Taloqan with about 7,000 displaced families verified throughout the city and in two settlements.

  • Critical needs for the majority of IDPs are initially assessed to be food and shelter, with NFI, health, WASH, and protection also key.

  • Conditions in some IDP settlements are extremely basic and in others very congested.

  • Stocks of food, NFIs and medical supplies are in the region with additional shipments of needed supplies being prepared; access challenges continue both within and outside Kunduz.

  • Additional funding is required to the 2015 Humanitarian Response Plan, to replenish emergency stocks.

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