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Afghanistan: Multi-Sectoral Dashboard for Humanitarian Response Services (March 2021)

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Based on data extracted from ReportHub, the number of services to beneficiaries slightly increased from 1.59M in February 2021 to 1.64M in March 2021. In March, a total of 121 projects were active, 43 of which (35%) catered to COVID-19 response. The Protection Cluster has the most active projects (46), the Health Cluster reported the highest number of activities (1,099) and the WASH Cluster has provided the most services to beneficiaries (773K). Primary health care interventions cover most of the activities (601) addressing host communities, internally displaced persons, and conflict-affected communities.

This dashboard provides a snapshot of 5W data in Afghanistan as reported to ReportHub by implementing partners during the period. By analyzing and visualizing information related to projects, activities (including COVID-19-related activities), and services to beneficiaries, the dashboard aims to assist humanitarian actors in Afghanistan by helping them to identify patterns, trends, and gaps in their responses. This information can be used by partners to inform their decisions related to either re-aligning, re-programing, or planning their projects and activities.