Afghanistan: MRRD brings education, water and energy to two districts of Herat

Projects include a road connecting 20 villages

May 26, 2007 (HERAT): Today, a wide range of development projects are being turned over to the local communities by the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD) in Herat province. These projects range from construction of a school building to the provision of electricity, for the benefit of almost 200,000 people.

"These projects represent exactly the kind of progress and rapid, comprehensive development to which our Ministry is committed," said Mohammad Ehsan Zia, MRRD Minister. "These projects will connect 20 villages, improve children's education and improve the overall wellbeing of the area."

During a trip to Herat on May 24, 2007, the Minister officially inaugurated the following:

1. Engeel district (Herat): Construction of a road at the cost of 10,812,700 Afs that connects 20 villages - benefiting 175,063 people. It is jointly implemented by MRRD and the Ministry of Public Work.

2. Pooran village in Engeel district (Herat): Construction of an 8 classroom school at the cost of 2,632,680 Afs, funded by the National Solidarity Programme (NSP) - providing opportunity for 400 boys and girls to receive primary education

3. Shadmana village in Engeel district (Herat): Provision of electricity at the cost of 1,733,134 Afs, funded by NSP - benefiting 882 people

4. Sar Teb village in Engeel district (Herat): Provision of electricity at the cost of 692,493 Afs, funded by NSP - benefiting 941 people

5. Khoja Shohaab village in Gozara district (Herat): Provision of clean drinking water network at the cost of 1,061,621 Afs, funded by NSP - benefiting 1693 people

MRRD is working to rebuild rural Afghanistan through its various national programmes such as the National Solidarity Programme (NSP), National Area Based Development Programme (NABDP), Water and Sanitation Programme (WATSAN), National Rural Access Programme (NRAP) and Micro-Finance Facility for Afghanistan (MISFA).

For further information please refer to MRRD web-site: or contact Ministry's spokesman, Ajmal Paiman at,. Mobile:: 0700 652860