Afghanistan: Medical engagement more than just a health care mission

Release # 2007-448

MUSA KHIL, Afghanistan (June 20) - ISAF medical personnel from Provincial Reconstruction Team Khowst recently conducted a health care mission at the Musa Khil District Health Center. They treated more than 140 children and 30 adults.

Cmdr. Adrienne J. Simmons, PRT Khowst medical officer in charge, said the overall goal is to improve the local medical infrastructure, "so that when we leave, the Afghan health care system will have a firm foundation."

"The main reason we went out was to assess the clinic and give support to the local health care providers," Simmons said.

In addition to the vaccinations, the PRT Khowst medical team brought de-worming medicine. According to Corpsman 2nd Class Glenn A. Ftacek Jr. worms are common in this part of Afghanistan.

Besides medicines and vaccinations, the PRT Khowst medical personnel also brought along hygiene supplies and gifts bags to distribute to the local children. For many of the visiting PRT Khowst personnel, this was a chance to interact with the local populace.

"I think it went very well," said Lt. Cmdr. Robert B. Traeder, a PRT engineer who helped hand out hygiene supplies. "It was fun because we had so many little kids coming through."

"It's hard to know how much good you're doing with a tube of toothpaste and toothbrush, but at least your spreading goodwill," Traeder said.

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