Afghanistan: JEMB approves campaign regulations

Under electoral campaign regulations newly approved by the Joint Electoral Management Body, candidates for the September 18 Wolesi Jirga and Provincial Council elections may promote their political platforms and campaign for voters' support throughout the electoral process, subject to the laws of the Government of Afghanistan and restrictions on election advertising on radio and television.
However candidates may only broadcast campaign advertisements on television or radio during the Official Campaign Period from August 17 to September 15. During the 30-day Official Campaign Period, each Wolesi Jirga candidate will be two lots of 5 minutes of sponsored advertising time on radio, or around five minutes of sponsored advertising on television.

Each Provincial Council candidate will receive four minutes of air time on radio or around two minutes on television.

All campaigning must cease two days before polling day on September 18, in observation of the 48 hour "Campaign Silence Period" blackout.

Throughout the electoral process, approval for campaign rallies must be sought from police 48 hours in advance and public assets may not be used for campaign purposes, in accordance with Afghan law.

Armed forces personnel are prohibited from taking part in campaign rallies but may provide security as part of their official duties.

Candidates are prohibited from using JEMB or government symbols for campaign purposes.

Permission must be sought from the owners of private buildings or the authorities in charge of public buildings before posting campaign material on the buildings.

Campaign advertisements in the print media are prohibited throughout the electoral process.

"Candidates may campaign through rallies, leaflets and posters before the Official Campaign Period of August 17 to September 15," said JEMB Chairman Bissmillah Bissmil.

"The only campaigning which is prohibited before the Official Campaign Period is the broadcast of campaign advertisements on radio and television, while campaign advertisements in newspapers are prohibited throughout the electoral process."

For more information please contact:

JEMB National Spokesperson Sultan Ahmed Baheen
mob. + 93 (0) 70 29 89 92

JEMB International Spokesperson Bronwyn Curran
mob: + 93 (0) 70 16 44 94