Afghanistan: ISAF engineers, ANSF build school in Uruzgan

News and Press Release
Originally published
Release # 2007-406

TALANI, Afghanistan - Children in an Uruzgan province school have a new place to play, as ISAF Engineers teamed up with the Afghan National Army recently to refurbish the local school in Talani.

The engineers from the Australian Reconstruction Task Force, as part of their quick impact project series, completed the work in one day.

Side-by-side with ANA soldiers, they repaired windows, installed a 4,000-liter water tank, play equipment, and football goals for the children. They also brought the latest produce from the Australians' nearby trade training school, where students had built tables, chairs and bookshelves.

"This really is a great day for our school-it means so much for the children," said the school principal.

In addition to quick impact projects and training initiatives, the RTF has a number of major construction projects targeting the province's health, education, and security infrastructure. They are planned and managed by the RTF and built using a large contingent of local contractors, ensuring maximum local ownership of the projects, employment and vital income for the developing economy.

Current projects include the refurbishment of the Tarin Kowt Hospital and High School, as well as a river crossing to connect two sides of the town which are normally separated during times of seasonal flooding.

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