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Afghanistan Impact Stories: Area-based Approaches for Return, Reintegration, Resilience & Solutions


As part of its commitment under the Global Compact on Refugees (GCR) and the Global Refugee Forum (GRF) in 2019, Afghanistan along with Iran and Pakistan and with UNHCRs support, launched a dedicated Support Platform for the Solutions Strategy for Afghan Refugees (SP-SSAR) in October 2019. Under the SSAR, a Core Group was established as an action-oriented and flexible mechanism to mobilize political, financial, and technical assistance.

The SSAR, the result of an unprecedented regional, solution-oriented approach and quadripartite consultative process among the Islamic Republics of Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan and UNHCR, has served to jointly identify and implement approaches toward lasting solutions for Afghan refugees in the region. Since its launch in 2012, the SSAR has provided a comprehensive strategic vision and operational framework for three objectives: facilitating voluntary repatriation and enabling sustainable reintegration, while also assisting host countries and communities.

Following the events of 15 August 2021, the regime change in Afghanistan created the need for a transitional strategy for the UN to address the increasing political and socialeconomic instability. The UN Transitional Engagement Framework (TEF) is the overarching strategic planning document for the overall UN assistance in 2022. It provides strategic direction and coherence; ensures UN coordination, collaboration, and complementarity of action; and provides a basis for joint risk-sharing and accountability.

The TEF highlights the evolving geo-political and socio-economic context, the cost of inaction if international assistance ceases; the UN’s strategic priorities, intended collective outcomes and the resources required to achieve them; principles of engagement ; and the UN coordination and implementation arrangements. Within the TEF, UNHCR co-leads the Protection and Social Cohesion Thematic Collaboration Group.