Afghanistan Humanitarian Response: WASH Cluster Dashboard - Overall Cluster Figures, Achievements and Funding - (January - March 2021)

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3.6 million people were planned to be reach with WASH assistance in the multi-year Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) in 2021. By the end of March, 1.5 million of people were reached thanks to 23 WASH Cluster partners having achieved 28% of water supply, 68.7% of sanitation and 23.6% of hygiene annual target. The WASH sector capacity remains expandable to respond to the growing water scarcity in the emerging drought context, via a proactive and combined approach focusing on the places of origin (e.g. by water system rehabilitation or construction meanwhile household water treatment or water trucking). However, as partners may be stretched facing a conflict escalation, the lifesaving WASH minimum package should be prioritized in the conflict-affected areas.