Afghanistan Humanitarian Response: Food Security and Agriculture Cluster Dashboard - Overall Cluster Figures, Achievements and Funding (January - December 2016)

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FSAC reached end of 4th quarter 2016, total 1.48 million people against a target of 1.8 million people (81%). The conflict-affected people, refugees, and returnees, documented and undocumented returnees remain 745,984 (103%) people against the revised target including the flush appeal of 725,545 people for food assistance. Total 481,638 conflicts affected received food assistance and 37,746 (9%) people received livelihood support. Total 97,125 (52%) natural-disaster-affected people against the total target of 188,000 people received emergency and livelihoods support. Response against severely food insecure people with tiny increase against the revised target of 300,000 people, total 327,201 (109%) people received food assistance. The emergency livelihoods assistance significant increase 354,835(170%) against a target of 208,269 people. FSAC has received 71.63 million USD till to date (78.35%) of the total target of 91.5 million USD with a total gap of 19.83 million USD.