Afghanistan: Humanitarian Dashboard (as of 13 June 2013)

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The Afghanistan 2013 CHAP highlighted Kandahar, Hilmand and Nangarhar as some of the most vulnerable provinces, ranking very high in the number of security incidents, civilian casualties, and conflict displacement, health and nutrition indicators. In 2013, conflict displacement continues to be the main cause of acute humanitarian need, with a marked increase in previously stable provinces within the north, particularly Faryab and Badakhshan. More effective assessment and response to these conflict-related needs will continue to be a priority for humanitarian actors. The agricultural prospects for 2013 look generally encouraging, with rain-fed and irrigated wheat harvests likely to be quite promising in most provinces of the country. Rangelands have also benefited from steady spring rain falls, offering livestock good grazing areas. For a second year in a row, good grain production will support recovery from the 2011 drought, offering above normal labour wages and job opportunities, healthy livestock and wheat grains coming onto the market at reasonable prices.

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