Afghanistan: Horticulture and livestock productivity project

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Project Objectives

The revised project objective is to assist producer households in adopting improved practices so as to increase horticulture and livestock productivity and production in focus areas.

Project Description

Revised Project Description

Part 1: Horticulture Development

(a) Rehabilitation and expansion of perennial and annual horticulture crop cultivation through: (i) the provision of training and extension support to farmers for the rehabilitation of existing orchards; (ii) the provision of seedlings and other inputs to farmers, provision of technical advisory services and training in integrated pest management, on-farm water management, farm planning and orchard management, and the provision of In-kind Grants to support the establishment of new orchards; and (iii) provision of technical advisory services for establishment and training of farmer groups and developing linkages with horticulture input and output markets.

(b) Establishment of the Horticulture Development Council of Afghanistan for: (i) the provision of policy guidance and support to Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL); and (ii) the carrying out of activities such as training and research to support the development of the horticulture sector .

Part 2: Livestock Development

(a) Strengthening the capacity of the General Department of Livetock Production (GDLP)to supervise and regulate animal husbandry services, through the provision of technical advisory services and training to staff at district offices, development of livestock extension service packages, acquisition of equipment and software, carrying out of infrastructure rehabilitation and upgrading of offices.

(b) Development of livestock production and marketing initiatives for improving domestic food supplies and reducing imports, including: (i) establishment of a villagebased poultry industry through the provision of In-kind Grants to Beneficiaries, the provision of training and technical advisory services, supply of initial stock, the acquisition of equipment and the carrying out of small works; (ii) carrying out of a comprehensive study of the dairy sector in the country; and (iii) carrying out of a comprehensive study into the value chain for cashmere in the country.

(c) Promoting public-private partnerships for the delivery of veterinary services, including: (i) provision of training and enhancing the capacity of veterinarians; (ii) harmonizing the privatized veterinary field units clinical services system; (iii) establishing sanitary mandates through private-public partnership; and (iv) provision of vaccines, disease surveillance equipment and supplies for conducting sanitary mandates.