Afghanistan: HAG Quarterly Report (January to March 2021)

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The HAG quarterly report analyses access restrictions encountered by humanitarian workers during the first quarter of 2021 (Q1 2021). The report is based on the Access Monitoring and Reporting Framework, which records access impediments encountered by humanitarians in Afghanistan and logs them according to seven different categories of access constraints, which are then further divided into different types of access incidents.


  • Humanitarian partners in Afghanistan continue to deliver much needed services to people in need despite a continuously challenging access environment;
  • In Q1 2021, the HAG recorded 436 access impediments, compared to 335 in Q4 2020;
  • The increase was driven by an increase in interferences by conflict parties and violence against humanitarians;
  • The Taliban initiated most access constraints in Q1 2021 (302), followed by ACG (46), ANSF (33) and GoA (12);
  • Registration requests by the Taliban remained one of the key issues for humanitarians;
  • The number of levy requests remained stable, with the Taliban requesting for direct and indirect taxation from humanitarians;
  • In Q1 2021, nine humanitarians were killed and 22 wounded;
  • 24 humanitarians were abducted and 35 detained by the Taliban in Q1 2021.
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