Afghanistan Food Security Outlook - April to September 2014

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Ample precipitation in March assists normal winter and spring crop development

Key Messages

Given the anticipated average harvest in 2014 for the third consecutive year, along with above-average livestock prices, the conclusion of the lean season when normal livelihood activities resume, and likely stable, projected staple food prices, food security outcomes from April to September are expected to remain Minimal (IPC Phase 1) in most parts of the country.

Poor households in the West-Central Highlands from April to June are expected to remain Stressed (IPC Phase 2!) as they continue to rely on external food assistance in the absence of seasonal food sources. Food security outcomes from July to September are likely to return to Minimal (IPC Phase 1) with income generated from labor migration to Helmand and Herat provinces; normal poppy and grain harvests are expected for this zone.

In the absence of external assistance for some households or when short-term assistance distributions run out for others, IDPs that are newly displaced from conflict will experience Crisis (IPC Phases 3) food security outcomes, as they are unlikely to be able to secure reliable income sources nor compete for daily wages with those who have previously established connections to the host communities.